Quppy IBAN EU bank account for your business

Open your corporate digital IBAN account supporting SEPA transfers with Quppy.

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Fast account opening

  • Account opening within two business days after a successful KYC/AML procedure.
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SEPA transfers

  • This IBAN account supports SEPA transfers in euros on the territory of the European Union and other countries.
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  • Clients' funds are stored only in special accounts of European banks, where they cannot be used for crediting third parties and are 100% protected from any losses.
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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

  • Buy ond sell cryptocurrencies, credit or withdraw funds from the IBAN account.


  • Onboarding 200 EUR
  • Account opening Free
  • Monthly service fee 100 EUR
  • Transaction fees 3,5 EUR + 0,4%

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